San Francisco Burlesque Showcase

San Francisco's Famous Burlesque Orchestra      
The Devil-Ettes
Hot Pink Feathers
Dane's Dames
The Cantankerous Lollies
Big Burlesque
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Harlem Shake
Black & Blue Burlesque
La Peligrosa y Las Terrores-
from Rococo Risqué

Kitten on the Keys, MC
Miss Eva Von Slut
Frau Goodloe
Gorilla X

SF Famous Burlesque Orchestra
Project Pimento
San Francisco's Famous Burlesque Orchestra
"If you wanna bump it, bump it with a trumpet!"

San Francisco Famous Burlesque Orchestra is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of live music in Burlesque! Originally founded by the Fisherman, Brian Lease, the Orchestra plays a mixture of Burlesque classics, grindcore, showtunes, jazz, and carefully researched gems from burlesque films and archival material. The Orchestra has been the houseband at the Miss Exotic World Pageant for the last 4 years, performed at every Teaseorama to date and in venues which range from local dive bars to pool side at the Venetian Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

Though most closely associated with the award winning Cantankerous Lollies and singer/comedian Kitten On the Keys, this year's Teaseorama MC, San Francisco Famous Burlesque Orchestra has played for many contemporary Burlesque performers as well as some of Burlesque's Living Legends such as Dee Milo, Isis, Dixie Evans, and Miss Tempest Storm.

San Francisco Famous Burlesque Orchestra has been featured in many publications and appeared on both NBC and CBS National News.
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