San Francisco Burlesque Showcase

Miss Eva Von Slut      
The Devil-Ettes
Hot Pink Feathers
Dane's Dames
The Cantankerous Lollies
Big Burlesque
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Harlem Shake
Black & Blue Burlesque
La Peligrosa y Las Terrores-
from Rococo Risqué

Kitten on the Keys, MC
Miss Eva Von Slut
Frau Goodloe
Gorilla X

SF Famous Burlesque Orchestra
Project Pimento
Miss Eva Von Slut
If you're seeking old Hollywood glamour with more than a pinch of gothic elegance, look no further than Miss Eva von Slut. Miss Eva comes from a strong fetish modelling background and has been featured in print magazines, including 1313 Magazine and Skin and Ink.
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