San Francisco Burlesque Showcase

Harlem Shake      
The Devil-Ettes
Hot Pink Feathers
Dane's Dames
The Cantankerous Lollies
Big Burlesque
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Harlem Shake
Black & Blue Burlesque
La Peligrosa y Las Terrores-
from Rococo Risqué

Kitten on the Keys, MC
Miss Eva Von Slut
Frau Goodloe
Gorilla X

SF Famous Burlesque Orchestra
Project Pimento
Harlem Shake
With a deep-rooted love for traditional-style burlesque, Simone de la Getto (a former member of the Cantankerous Lollies) had a dream. In this dream, she paid homage to the many women of color that strutted and wow-ed so many burlesque audiences back in the day. Since their debut performance in May of 2003, Simone and Harlem Shake aspire to bring burlesque to communities of color that might not have access to this phenomenal art form. History is indeed being changed one shake at a time!