San Francisco Burlesque Showcase

Frau Goodloe      
The Devil-Ettes
Hot Pink Feathers
Dane's Dames
The Cantankerous Lollies
Big Burlesque
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Harlem Shake
Black & Blue Burlesque
La Peligrosa y Las Terrores-
from Rococo Risqué

Kitten on the Keys, MC
Miss Eva Von Slut
Frau Goodloe
Gorilla X

SF Famous Burlesque Orchestra
Project Pimento
Frau Goodloe
Indra (aka Frau Goodloe) has been working professionally in the Bay Area for over a decade as a performance artist, dancer, chanteuse, fire dancer, clown, actor, and costume fabricator. As a co-founder and Artistic Co-director of two successful San Francisco Dance troupes: COLLAPSINGsilence Butoh Dance Troupe and Go Go Pro. Indra has been involved in every aspect of these groupsÕ performance works as a producer, director, dancer, choreographer and prolific costume and prop fabricator.

Currently Indra is working solo, singing Cabaret songs originally performed by Marlene Dietrich, Josephine Baker, Edith Piaff with the San Francisco Burlesque Orchestra and various other DJs and musicians. Not content to just sing, she incorporates wild costumes and stage action with dancers, circus performers, and actors into the mix.

Indra has worked with Lance Theater, Nightletter Theater, Unattended ChildrenÕs Theater, Sharkbait, Lolapalooza, and other professional groups doing everything from stage technician to actor to dancer Š sometimes all three at once!

Indra has trained in Belly Dance, Afro Haitian, Afro Cuban, Indian Temple Dance, Butoh, Swing Dance, Ballroom Dance and stage management. Singing in choirs since she was a child, Indra has also trained vocally with Horus Tolsen and currently studies with Faith Wintrup.
Photo by Jeffrey von Spangenberg