San Francisco Burlesque Showcase

Dane's Dames      
The Devil-Ettes
Hot Pink Feathers
Dane's Dames
The Cantankerous Lollies
Big Burlesque
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Harlem Shake
Black & Blue Burlesque
La Peligrosa y Las Terrores-
from Rococo Risqué

Kitten on the Keys, MC
Miss Eva Von Slut
Frau Goodloe
Gorilla X

SF Famous Burlesque Orchestra
Project Pimento
Danes Dames
Dane's Dames Burlesque is the San Francisco burlesque and vaudeville troupe that brings the wonderful world of classic burlesque and "baggy pants" comics to life. Emcee Eddie Dane has been bringing his classic beauties to the burlesque stage since 1999, remembering burlesque as the slow, titillating and tempting striptease of the 40's and 50's while incorporating the bawdy skits of baggy pants comics of the same era. We strive to bring you center stage and glued to your seat with our girl-o-rama laugh fest!
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